Low Pressure Membranes Ulp Series

Low Pressure Membranes Ulp Series; ULP series ultra low pressure aromatic polyamide compound membrane elements can operate under ultra low pressure to achieve a high permeate flow and salt rejection as normal low pressure membrane elements. It can be applied to the desalination of surface water and groundwater.

They operate at about two-thirds of the operating pressure of normal low pressure composite membranes. They can achieve a salt rejection rate of up to 99.5%. This can reduce the investment costs of related components such as pumps, pipes and vessels. Including the operating cost for the RO system, thus increasing the economic efficiency.

3-15-8040-ULP22     ULP22-8040     99.0    12100(45.7)
3-15-4040-ULP21 ULP21-4040 99.0 2400(9.1)
3-15-4040-ULP11 ULP11-4040 98.0 2700 (10,1)
3-15-4021-ULP21 ULP21-4021 99.0 950(3.6)
3-15-2521-ULP21 ULP21-2521 99.0 300(1.13)
3-15-2540-ULP21 ULP21-2540 99.0 750(2.84)