Stratos Water Purifier

Stratos Water Purifier

Aquaturk Stratos Water Treatment Device is a device that filters the mains water in 5 stages, there are variation options that can filter up to 8 stages if desired. It takes up very little space under the kitchen counter. It does not need electricity to operate. It has a stylish design and is perfect in terms of functionality. Water that energizes people is a vital fluid that carries nutrients and oxygen to the whole body. Providing both delicious and healthy water Aquaturk Stratos Water Purifier provides the desired amount of water and is a quality and reliable product with easy to change filters with its inline filter system.

In the first stage, by filtering the water at a sensitivity of 5 microns with the Pre-Sediment Filter; It provides clarity of water by holding all residues such as mud, rust, and particles. In the Second Stage, odor removal is performed with chlorine and chlorine compounds in the water with the GAC Active Carbon Filter. In the third stage, pre-membrane water is purified in the best way with Active Carbon Filter. In the fourth stage, the water is provided to the desired taste and quality by passing through the Membrane Filter with Advanced Treatment technology.

The water, which is purified from all waste, is processed for the last time with the coconut shell carbon filter and becomes a delicious and soft water. Customers who want to choose from variations can add Mineral Filter, Alkaline Filter and Detox Filter to their devices. Rich minerals are added to the water with the Mineral Filter. With the alkaline filter, the pH of the water is raised to 7.5-8.5 levels. Thus, by contributing to the basic state of the body, it provides a healthy life. With the detox filter, toxin accumulation in the body is prevented.

Kompakt Su Arıtma Cihazları
Stratos Su Arıtma Cihazı

İlk aşamada ön tortu filtresi ile suyu 5 mikron hassasiyetinde filtre ederek; tüm çamur, pas, partikül gibi tortuları tutarak suyun berraklaşmasını sağlar. İkinci Aşamada GAC Aktif Karbon Filtre ile sudaki klor ve klor bileşikleri ile koku giderimi yapılır.

Üçüncü aşamada Aktif Karbon Filtre ile membran öncesi su en iyi şekilde arıtılır. Dördüncü aşamada İleri Arıtım teknolojisine sahip Membran Filtreden geçerek suyun istenilen lezzet ve kaliteye gelmesi sağlanır. Tüm atıklardan arınan su Hindistan cevizi kabuğu karbon filtresi ile son kez işlem görmekte, lezzetli ve yumuşak bir su haline gelmektedir.

Varyasyon seçeneklerinde isteyen müşterilerimiz cihazlarına Mineral Filtre, Alkali Filtre ve Detoks Filtrede ekleyebilir. Mineral Filtre ile suyu zengin mineral ilavesi yapılır. Alkali filtre ile Suyun pH 7,5-8,5 seviyelerine çıkarılır.

Böylelikle vücudun bazik hale geçmesine katkı sağlayarak sağlıklı yaşam imkanı sağlar. Detoks filtre ile vücuttaki toksin birikimi engellenir.