Well Water Treatment Systems

Wells are one of the natural water resources. They are used for industrial and domestic applications underground.

Water quality depends on the condition of the well and its location. Precipitation waters and artificial pollution damage well waters. The pesticides and fertilizers used in agriculture, industrial wastes, domestic wastewater reduce the quality of groundwater. Well water treatment process gets rid of all these negativities from pollutants.

How Is Well Water Purified?


There is a significant amount of lime in the well waters. This naturally invites the formation of hard water. However, by using well water treatment systems, clean water can be reached both in businesses and homes. In addition, the use of calcareous water in household installations, boilers or businesses causes corrosion and this leads to malfunction of the devices. Since our systems have an automatic softening feature in order to purify the lime in the well waters, the treatment is completed without any problems.

Undesirable chemicals in water; poses a threat to human health. For this, it has to go through various processes before being put into human use. After physical processes such as filtration, precipitation and distillation, it is kept by slow sand filters and biological activated carbon processes. Then, flocculation and chlorination processes (chemical separation process) are performed. Finally, the radiation rate is reduced with ultraviolet device rays. After all of these processes are done completely and of high quality, the suspended particles, parasites, algae, viruses and fungi that cause negative effects on health are separated.


What is the Importance of Well Water Treatment?


The most important reason for well treatment is the question marks about the cleaning of underground water.

Of course, unclean water is unhealthy and dangerous. However, it is not only difficult to use as drinking water due to bad smell, but also dangerous to use in all areas. It can damage the skin or internal organs and cause bigger problems. However, the purified water can be used in any area with peace of mind. The soil irrigated with the treated water can be cultivated more efficiently, the washed items are cleaner, while the damage to the skin or internal organs is minimized. The system, which becomes more lucrative as you use it for large businesses, can make a larger contribution to your budget over time than its principal.